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Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano


Nobile takes pride in its position as the natural descendent of centuries of winemaking history. Over time the perception of this wine has changed hand-in-hand with the development of technology in the vineyards and cellar and increasingly well-informed attention from consumers.

Quality and authenticity have always been the added values of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, pursued by the producers of the Consorzio according to a production philosophy inspired by the following principles:
- increase the recognisable identity of the product;
- achieve balance of quality;
- interpret the production microzones as effectively as possible to enhance the organoleptic features.

The objective is to form an increasingly solid pact with the consumer, also through clarity regarding the production process.

Wines with a strong identity, recognisably linked to their terroir in an increasingly overcrowded wine-producing sector, which do not follow the variable market trends.

The identity of Montepulciano is inside the bottles of Vino Nobile, the wine that is “noble inside”.

For an even clearer description of this wine’s identity, below are some thoughts:

“[…] The Vini Nobili presented show less intense colour than past versions, with better-measured use of oak making them more enjoyable to drink than ever.”

“... seemed to continue along the route it began the previous year, tending to recover the specific features of the basic grape variety, Prugnolo Gentile […] accompanied by a more moderate (and appreciable) use of oak. […]”

“A growing DOC zone”

“The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wines demonstrated rather dynamic character with very fragrant fruit, quite forward acidity and tannin which favour good ageing potential. Perhaps with time they will acquire a more mature character and soften the acerbic flavour.”

“Good balance and elegance, very pleasing overall.”

“Good structure, quite concentrated with excellent flavour balance and interesting aromas.”

“Good structure and acidity making this a particularly drinkable wine. […] a very clear return to a more traditional Sangiovese with less emphatically red colour.”

“[…] The colour is very intense, the nose is complex with fruity and spicy aromas and a palate with clear alcohol and tannin that beautifully reflects the aromas. The Nobile wines shows all the features of a wine rich in ageing potential."