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Newsletter n. 4 [21/10/2015]


The grape harvest is over. In the vineyards the grapes have been picked, and work has moved on to the cellars, where the Vino Nobile 2015 is beginning to take shape. The climate and the harvest bode well for the vintage: healthy grapes of an outstanding quality, ripened to perfection. These are all signs that point to another great vintage from Montepulciano. This year's harvest was also marked by a notable rise in participation on the part of women: the Consorzio has noted a significant increase in women at all levels of wine production.
Harvest time found celebrated actor Dustin Hoffman in Montepulciano, here to work on his new TV series, filmed on location in the city - an invitation to taste the Vino Nobile was eagerly accepted. Beyond the harvest, the Consorzio has been busy with its calendar of promotional activities, while the Expo in Milan is still the scene of a flurry of initiatives. And then it will be off to East Asia, in November, with China on the horizon.

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The Vino Nobile at Fuori Expo [30/10/2015]

The Consorzio del Vino Nobile will be at Fuori Expo as the World Fair draws to a close between 30 October and 1 November, participating in the "Any taste of Tuscany - La Toscana a Milano" event, alongside other preeminent Tuscan producers.... READ MORE >>

The Montepulciano harvest benefits from a woman's touch [04/09/2015]

The 2015 harvest has begun in Montepulciano with the picking of the first grapes, and from there it will be on to the Prugnolo Gentile (the grape variety, a clone of the Sangiovese, used to make the Vino Nobile) when they ripen, anticipated for mid-September.... READ MORE >>

A Tavola con il Nobile: the Talosa "contrada" wins [24/08/2015]

The Talosa Contrada, or district, brought home their third consecutive win at the thirteenth edition of the “A Tavola con il Nobile” cooking contest, with their recipe for Tagliatini giallorossi con verdure e rinforzo (yellow-red Tagliatini... READ MORE >>


From the Macchiaioli to Decadentism [12/03/2015]

The Museo Civico - Pinacoteca Crociani and the Fortezza present “From the Macchiaioli to Decadentism - works from Montepulciano private collections”, an art exhibition, from 4 April to 1 November 2015. There are 120 works on display in the... READ MORE >>